Lightroom Training Live on Zoom

For the hands-on, one-to-one training, you will need a computer, a microphone and an internet connection. A video camera would be a plus but is not required. After we agree on the day and time to meet, I will send you the Zoom invitation. You will not need a Zoom account.

I am an award winning photographer that has been using Lightroom since it was released in 2007. Lightroom Classic (LrC) has been invaluable in helping me and many other photographers organize, manage, edit and print their images. However, there is a steep learning curve and many photographers have found that a good teacher can be very helpful in learning how to get the most out of LrC. I would love to work with you and help you to get the most benefit from any/all of the following LrC functions

There are many options available for importing your images into LrC. I can help familiarize you with these options so you can make the best choices when importing images into LrC.

Organize and Manage
One of the keys to successfully using LrC is to first develop an organizational structure that is easy to manage and will help you find your photos in seconds. I can show you different ways to organize your photos into folders and collections, to make it much easier to find your photos when you need them. I can present you with a few different options for organizing your images and you can decide, which approach will work best for you.

I can also help you to edit and improve your images while optimizing your editing workflow. There are many editing tools in LrC and it is important that you become familiar with the available tools so you know what is possible when editing. It is also important to know the limitations of editing in LrC and when you should edit in Photoshop. Adobe has integrated PS with LrC to make the process of taking your images from LrC to Photoshop and back to LrC very easy.

There are many export options for sharing your images. I can help you learn what they are and when to use each one.

The Print module is user friendly and offers more options and flexibility compared to Photoshop.


"I think you did a terrific job Saturday on lightroom! I have been using Photoshop CS6 but I think it’s time to graduate to CC and Lightroom. I may never use the actual Lightroom for editing images, but the organizational aspect of the app which you went over Saturday is what I will need going forward! Thank you loads!!!"(Rick W.)

"Like many photographers, once I download my images into Lightroom I’m fast to start the editing process without paying much attention to the library module. I usually pay the price later when I try to locate my images. After Paul’s Lightroom presentation I realized the importance of taking the time to organize my images for future use. Paul presented his organizing workflow in a clear and understandable way, simplifying the process of image organizing in a way anyone is able to understand and start using immediately." (Al L.)

"First let me tell you how much I enjoyed your Lightroom Presentation. I tuned-in to the Zoom meeting because I only know the basics of Lightroom, and I had used an old version a few years ago. Your presentation showed me how I could use LR in my workflow, along with the pros and cons of using it. I would be interested in a presentation showing how you enhance images in LR. I'm always interested in learning new things, and especially some of your creative LR techniques."(Dan P.)

If you have questions about my Lightroom Training sessions or are ready to start learning how to optimize your work in Lightroom Classic, please complete and send the Contact form below. I will usually respond with 24 hours.

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